‘Tulauk’ is a Kapampangan zarzuela spearheaded by Kapampangan Artist and musical director Andy Alviz featuring Arti Sta. Rita and other local theatre groups.  Tulauk is a Kapampangan word pertaining to the crowing sound made by a rooster.  The play was named after it in reference to the story of Apostle Peter denying Jesus three times before a rooster crowed.

Majority of the actors on the play comes from the homegrown Kapampangan artist group called Arti Sta. Rita.  The group works with several local artists and organizations as well.  Some of the actors are volunteers who support the cause of Arti. Sta. Rita to improve Kapampangan cultural consciousness through appreciation for the arts. The play is also the group’s way of evangelizing and reaching out to a younger generation of Christians.

Tulauk tells the story of the life of Jesus from the time he was baptized to His death on the cross but is it interpreted in a lighter way, injecting humor and even using current street slang terminologies.  This proves to be an effective way for the actors to connect with their viewers because it makes the story more relatable and often gets the attention and interest of their audience.

Aside from humor, there are segments of the play where the actors will interact directly with their audience.  For instance, on the part where they show the parable of the Feeding of 5 Thousand, the audience is asked to shout ‘tinape’ (which means bread) and actors would come down the stage to distribute bread to the people.

Tulauk runs during the holy week and is held yearly although the venue changes from time to time.  The show may be held annually but the locals don’t seem to get tired of regularly following and watching the show wherever it may be held.  Perhaps it’s because the story they play is not just any ordinary story but rather it is the greatest story ever told.


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