Don’t we all love discounts? Whether its on dining, clothing, or pampering – it’s always nice to have discount coupons in handy especially this holiday season. That’s why it’s the perfect timing to get the first ever Yalla Book of Discounts.

‘Yalla’ which translates to “let’s go” or “tara na” in Filipino is basically a collection of discount coupons from hundreds of local establishments in Pampanga.  The deals included in it are special promotions for people who will be buying the book. So they are not like any other discount promos you can see elsewhere.  Some of the discounts included in the book includes buy one, take one deals on salon and spa services and coffee shops.

The discount coupons of Yalla are tangible, physical coupons that you can cut out from the book.  So if you’re planning to go to a restaurant and take advantage of a deal, all you need to do is cut the coupon out.  There’s no need to bring the entire book.  The best thing about it is it’s totally transferable.  So you’re entire family can use it. You can also extend the coupons, or give it as a gift to your friends or co-workers.

The book is for sale for an introductory price of Php 1,499.00 only. But since it’s transferable, you can share the cost with someone from your group of friends or family who can also benefit from the deals you’ll be getting which is a whopping Php 130,000.00 worth of total discounts.

Since we have partnered with Yalla, we’re giving away a number of freebies!

You can now pre-order the book from us.  The first 75 buyers will also get the Yalla Ilocos Edition plus a shirt absolutely FREE! To pre-order, please click on this link or contact us at:

Mobile No.: +63 995.171.2150 (include you name, complete address, gender, and contact details).

Get hundreds of discounts and help patronize our local stores at the same time. Get your Yalla book now!

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