I’ve been asked a lot of times how I started writing.

It started when I was way younger, I guess.  From what I can still recall, writing on my journal was always part of what I do each day.  But I was not the type who wrote to create fancy essays or novels.  I just wrote constantly because back then, it was the only avenue I know to express everything that’s happening around me.

I am one of those kids who unfortunately grew up in a broken family.  My siblings and I grew up minding our own businesses.  So, I was mostly alone and more often than not, I didn’t have anyone to talk to.  What I had though was tons of paper.

So, I wrote everything.

I wrote all the questions I wanted to ask, all the things I wanted to say, all plans that I wanted to do.

After university, I landed a job as a print assistant at a local newspaper and we had this big billboard in the middle of the office.  On this wall, any staff can post things like short stories, poems, caricatures, etc.  One day I decided to post something anonymously.  A few days after that, our editor walked around the office asking who that ‘paper’ belonged to.

That paper was mine.

I found myself later on inside her office trembling and thinking what I might have written incorrectly.  But she gave me 3 words.  Words that still have a big impact on me up to this day. Words I go back to whenever I find myself lost.  She told me ‘you can write’.

So, what happened after that?  Why didn’t I become some sort of a big-time writer or novelist?

Well, life happened.

I had a kid and I can’t afford to spend my time writing my thoughts away hoping that someone will publish my work.  So, I focused on working and it went from that local paper to a BPO company, to an IT company, project management, then finally back to print.  It was unexpected but I guess fate will always lead you back to where you’re supposed to be.  So for a good while, I worked as a ghostwriter, a copywriter, an SEO writer … you name it.  For almost a decade I wrote for other people.

But I have always wanted to write for my own.  So, when my work shifted to graphic design, I found the time to write about things I can consider my own.  I mustered all the guts I have in me that led me to where I am today – running and writing for my very own blog 😊.

Making it a personal blog is the biggest challenge so far because I got so used to writing marketing content that it has become difficult to veer away from.  But I’m trying and doing my best every day to write in a way that the readers would see the story and encourage people to travel and discover life beyond their borders … and not just the marketing side of things.

So that’s how I started writing.  I hope that the stories you read here would somehow inspire you to discover more of our beautiful country – one metro at a time. 😊

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Armela is a food and travel blogger from the Philippines. She has produced content for different local and overseas brands. Armela is also a self-taught photographer. She is an optimist by heart who loves to travel to discover new places, different cuisines and meet new people. She is a Digital Marketing Strategist and a Creative Designer by profession.