Almost synonymous to fiestas, birthdays, or any special celebration in Pampanga is a name where one can conveniently get the best food to serve in any given occasion.  That name is Susie’s Cuisine.

On holidays, especially during Christmas season, it’s not surprising to see people lining up outside every branch of Susie’s Cuisine to get their hands on a serving of pancit luglug, or a bilao of tibuk-tibuk.  Although most restaurants in the area offer similar food packages, people still choose to endure standing in line just to get one from Susie’s Cuisine.

Perhaps the secret to this lies on the food itself.  It’s authenticity to the Kapampangan palate. The way it smells, the way it’s presented and packaged, everything meets, if not exceeds the standard set by the people from a place known for producing excellent food thus getting the name Culinary Capital of the Philippines.

Susie’s Cuisine started as a humble carinderia in Nepo Mart. It catered to people, mostly tourist, frequenting the place to buy PX (imported) goods back when Duty Free stores were not yet around. From a shanty food stall, Susie’s Cuisine already has 22 branches today all the way from Manila to Urdaneta, Pangasinan. All branches are owned and maintained by the same owner and are not franchised.

The need to branch out comes from their desire to deliver freshly made food to their client without compromising on quality and taste. However, they are making sure that despite the different branches they have, they maintain the same recipe and standard in food handling. Susie’s Cuisine is FDA Approved and they maintain a very strict process in food safety standards.

Their best-sellers include Pancit Palabok or Panict Luglug, mochi, and tibuk-tibuk.  The same tibuk-tibuk has been featured in popular national TV shows like Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho and Kris TV.

Susie’s Cuisine is also a one-stop shop for pasalubong and souvenirs. They have different products from different parts of the Philippines and Asia. They have dried mangoes from Cebu, Uraro, tamarind from Bangkok, and more. There’s also a way for balikbayans who longs to bring kakanins abroad. Just pre-order them and Susie’s will have them freeze and packaged so they could be brought home to our kababayan’s cravings to have a taste of true authentic Filipino kakanin.

Susie’s Cuisine is a true testament that some good things do last.

For branch locations, orders, and queries, check Susie’s Cuisine Facebook page.

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