Pampanga is not just haven for delectable Kapampangan dishes.  It is also a place for different international and fusion cuisines.  Recently, we discovered a new restaurant with fusion cuisine that offers a variety of Japanese sushi’s and ramens.

In a nutshell, ZUSHIME’s first store was established in Baguio City more than 4 years ago.  One of the owners is a former crew ship chef specializing on Japanese food thus they ventured into opening their own Japanese restaurant.  The second store that opened in Angeles City carries the same line of fusion Japanese food that made the first store successful.


We liked the fusion sushi’s at ZUSHIME.  Every variety had a unique ingredient that made it more fun and exciting to sample.  From the sushi’s we tried, we liked these the most:

Spider Roll – Sushi in soft shell crab rolled in a combination of Japanese and sushi rice then topped with loads of masago (fish eggs).

Crispy Philadelphia – A breaded fried sushi with salmon, avocado, and Philadelphia cheese.

Godzilla Roll – Shrimp tempura with cucumber and greens then rolled into crumbs made out of tempura flakes, topped with fried crispy crab.

Other sushi flavors are:

Vegetable rolled in Salmon Sushi topped with tempura lobster.

Baked dynamite roll – Sushi with spicy mayo combined with cucumber and avocado, topped with spicy tuna.

Spicy Mexican – a tempura rolled into sushi and fried again in a somewhat bigger looking tempura.


We liked the sushi but the ramen lover in us was more than thrilled to sample the different ramen flavors that they had.  According to the owner, each ramen is also unique and was named after a particular place in Japan.  Here’s a look at the different ramens they have:

Sapporo Miso – Perhaps you’ve heard of Sapporo from the infamous indie movie “Kita Kita”.  Sapporo is a place in Japan that specializes in blended miso paste.  So, ZUSHIME decided to name their version of Miso Ramen after the place.

Tonkotsu Ramen from Fukuoka.  This type of ramen is known as pork bone ramen because the broth is made from pork bones boiled for a minimum of 24 hours.  So, you really get a strong pork flavor with this type of ramen.

Hell Ramen – A super spicy ramen that was created after Japan’s famous Devil Ramen.  ZUSHIME made their own blend of spices to make sure that this ramen would be nothing but fiery.

Other ramen flavors available in ZUSHIME are Classic Tantanmen, Nagasaki, and Tokyo Shoyu.


ZUSHIME’s location is quite accessible especially for commuters but parking is a bit of a challenge for private vehicle owners.  The ambiance of the restaurant is well adorned with Japanese accents.  However, Japan is known for its minimalist style.  A well-lit, simple and spacious ambiance would have been better.

This is a common observation with a lot of restaurants I visit, I think you don’t really need to go over the top with Japanese accents to prove you are a Japanese restaurant.  You don’t have to play Japanese songs as well.  It doesn’t hurt to do so but, consumers nowadays are well aware of what they eat or buy.  But that’s just me 😊 .


For people who indulge in gastronomic adventures and loves to try different cuisines, ZUSHIME is a place worth visiting.  There’s a lot of fun flavors in the fusion dishes they offer.  They also have ‘unlimited’ promotions (P450/pax) and happy hour specials.


Cuisine: Japanese

Budget per Head: 200+

Location: Harrison Building, Diamond Subdivision (in front of Wishing Well and KCafe Balibago)

Operating Hours: 11:00AM – 2:00PM and 5:00PM to 2:00AM (open everyday)