A car wash in the morning that converts into a cool hang out place at night.  At first we were intrigued by its cool interior.  Inside the “garage” is an area called the lobby that features drums converted into comfortable seats. The walls are plastered with different road signs and plate numbers. Plus the huge Garaje88 sign made it cooler. This area is perfect for groupies or selfies.

Another area occupies the bar while 80% of the place is an al fresco dining area with a small platform on one side. This is for the acoustic singers they have every weekend. The garage theme is carried out even inside the washrooms. The sinks are made out of tires and the faucets are made out of gas pumps! How cool is that.

But what surprised the most is the food they have. I guess when you see a grill or a bar, it’s given that they would most often have the same stuff on the menu. Food that goes with liquor or beer. So most of the time the expectation we have on food is average.

But this is not the same case for Garaje88 because they actually have some really good stuff on their menu. Here’s a look at some of the dishes we’ve tried:

Pork Sisig

Yeah we know, it’s common. But still, not all sisig are created the same. We like that this sisig is not a messy one. The flavor is just right, the meat is cooked right, and it doesn’t mess up with the original type of Pampanga sisig we love.


If you’ve ever been to Singapore and have tried the Laksa they have there, it’s quite difficult to find one with such authenticity when you come home in the Philippines. Well good news because Garaje88’s version will definitely give you that authentic Laksa taste. They have tamed the spiciness of the soup to match the Filipino palate but you can ask them to have it prepared really spicy like the original one.

Aligue Pasta

Again, common in the menu with other restaurants but it stands out because its uncomplicated. It’s everything you would want an Aligue Pasta to be. Al dente angel hair pasta coated in that thick, flavorful Aligue (crab fat), with a huge prawn to match the dish on the side.

Home Sandwich Groupie with Salted Egg Chips on the Side

3 huge sandwiches for less than 200 pesos. Now that’s a good deal. The sandwiches are freshly made with greens, meat, and mayo. Just right for anyone who needs the calming power of food. But to be honest, we couldn’t get over how good the potato chips were. And these are not ‘chips’ from the bag. These were baked real potatoes in salted egg flavor. It’s not surprising that that chips have gone missing before we even touched the sandwiches.

Barbeque Platter

It’s a platter of grilled chicken, pork, isaw (chicken intestines), and hotdogs. What made it really good is the way it has been grilled. Cooked yet still hot and juicy and then drenched in barbecue sauce. Perfect to match with beer or …. a cup or two, maybe more, of rice.

Other must try is the smoothies. We had the Coconut and Swiss Miss smoothies which were both divine.

Garaje88 is a newly opened hang out place accessible to both commuters and non-commuters. They are open daily from six in the evening till past midnight. They have acoustic bands every weekend and they also accept reservations for private functions.

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine

Budget per head: 150+

Address: 4180 Zeppelin st. Hensonville Malabanias

Contact Number: 0956 829 3769

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