Disclaimer:  Before I give my thoughts about the product, I’d like to note that I’m not a skincare expert. BUT I have tried enough product to know what works for my skin type. So I’m speaking from the point of view of someone who’s not too technical about skin care but rather from someone who speaks from experience.

I had the privileged to be a part of the first group who was given a set of Skin Bureau’s Pretty Political Ultimate Facial Set.  For two weeks, I followed the regimen religiously.  Wash using the president pretty soap in the morning, followed by the day time toner and morning gel afterward.  At night, wash again using the soap, then toner, then night cream.  I followed this routine for 14 days.

Recently, a close friend asked me what I am currently using on my face.  That’s because my skin was noticeably fairer.  My breakouts were clearly lesser and my skin was visibly softer.  From someone who deals with breakouts constantly, it was good to hear that the product was working for me.

What I love most from the whole set is the president pretty soap.  I love how it smells and how creamy the texture is when I’m using it.  Every time I wash my face, it kind of reminds me of milk for some reason.  I checked its ingredients and most of it are found in regular whitening soaps.  But the only difference is, the president pretty soap doesn’t sting.  I didn’t experience any rough and red patches on my face either.

After about a week I notice that there’s micro peeling around my nose area and some on my jaw line area.  But the toners were still okay to use and like the soap, there was no burning effect.  Both creams included also has a light and nice fragrant in it so it was fun to use.  It didn’t feel greasy and was easily absorbed by the skin.

After two weeks, I noticed that my breakouts were less.  Although it didn’t completely erase my acne scars (because I think the product was not designed for that anyway), my skin was clearly fairer and was smooth to the touch.

Just like what their tag line says, “No politics, just results” –  and Skin Bureau did deliver convincing results.  Skin Bureau is now available to the public.  For more information about the product the price range, visit their Facebook page here.

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