The word ‘sisig’ has long been associated with the word Pampanga even before the region was known as the Food Capital of the Country.  Sisig was also dubbed by the New York Times as “arguably the greatest pork dish on earth”.  So, it is just but fitting for the iconic dish to be wholly recognized by having its very own fiesta in its birth town.

The Sisig Fiesta of Angeles is a gastronomic event where the different version of the pork dish was being showcased.  This year, the Sisig Fiesta not only featured a buffet of sisig varieties, but it also featured cooking demonstrations and cook off challenges.  The Sisig Fiesta 2018 was held at the train station, locally identified as ‘çrossing’ in Angeles City, a venue considered to be the birthplace of sizzling sisig in the 80’s.

The first leg of the fiesta was the 5th HARP Cook-Off Challenge which had two categories.  One of the professionals (hotels and restaurants) and another for the school category.  The Hotels and Restaurants Association in Pampanga (HARP) is the biggest organization of hotels, restaurants, and tourism-related establishments in Pampanga.

After the HARP Cook-Off Challenge, the fiesta was formally opened by Angeles City Mayor Ed Pamintuan and Vice Mayor Bryan Nepomuceno.  Dr. Robert Lo, president, and CEO of RDF Feed, Livestock & Food Incorporated also gave his message of support for the Sisig Fiesta.  RDF who also manages Fresh Options Meat Shop is a co-presenter of the event.

The second batch of cook-off challenge was between some of the participating barangays in Angeles City.  A representative from a barangay was asked to cook and present a sisig dish with a twist.  Judges for the competition included Pampanga culinary icon and guardian of Pampanga heirloom recipes, Atching Lilian Borromeo and Chef Don Edward Quito.  Atching Lilian is also the founder of Kusinero’t Kusinerang Kapampangan (KKK) while Chef Don Edward is the current president.

Aside from the cooking challenges, a buffet featuring different types of sisig was also featured in the event.  Anyone from the public can buy a ticket worth Php100 and have access to sample at least 4 different types of sisig in the buffet.

Sisig Festival 2018 is spearheaded by the Angeles City Tourism Office with the aid of local government agencies.  The fiesta is co-presented by Fresh Options Meat Shop.  The event aims to create awareness about the history of sisig, its basic recipe, and the method of cooking the dish.  It is truly a traditional and authentic Kapampangan food worth passing on especially to the younger generation.

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