Dampa Feast Pampanga, Mexico

In the Philippines, the term dampa would usually resonate the idea of dining in a native hut with mostly fresh catch on the table.  This dining experience is paired with either eating with our barehands (no utensils) or eating in a boodle fight style.  And because we Filipinos love to eat and consider eating as a form of bonding, this type of dining is always a hit among friends and families in our country.

Dampa Feast is a restaurant concept with main branches in Dubai and Kuwait.  Dampa Feast Pampanga is the first branch outside the country and we were fortunate to be one of the first people to experience what they have to offer.  

Dampa Feast Pampanga interior


The restaurant’s theme is simple and straightforward.  It is a Filipino dampa that has the accents you can normally find in a native Filipino hut.  The dining area is spacious, breezy, and bright.  Dining feels comfortable and you can easily feel at home once you stepped foot inside Dampa Feast Pampanga.


Dampa Feast Pampanga has a wide variety of seafood cooked in different ways.  They have ala carte dishes with generous servings that’s already good for group sharing.  Here’s a look at some of the dishes you can choose as ala carte option.

Dampa Feast Pampanga Grilled Squid
Dampa Feast Pampanga Grilled Oysters
Dampa Feast Pampanga Grilled Scallops
Dampa Feast Pampanga Grilled Mussels



Although the ala carte dishes were all sumptuous, what we really loved was their boodle fight option or what they call Dump-A-Sea-Feast.  This includes rice (tons of it) spread on the table with seafood poured over it.  We were surprised at how big and generous the serving was.  The staff mentioned that it was good for 4 – 5 people but for us, it was even good for 6 – 7 pax.  This option also comes with 2 liters of mocktail.  We had Bluer Than Blue and Lindsay Lohan.

You can easily tell that the seafood is fresh.  The crab sizes were not humongous but were just right.  Same goes for the shrimps, squid, and clams.  On top of all, we loved the sauce that they have paired with the seafood (we had Tex – Mex).  It was good but it did not overpower the  natural flavor of the seafood.  You can still appreciate the taste the crab, shrimp, etc. and the sauce just compliments that natural flavor.  The boodle fight option for us is a certified must-try!

Dampa Feast Pampanga Boodle Fight

Dampa Feast Pampanga offers 6 different sauces that you can choose from to pair with your bucket of fresh catch.  These are: Soya Seafood (soy sauce base), Salted Butter, Tex-Mex (sweet and tangy), Schezwan (has a bit of a spicy kick in it), Chipotle Butter, and Cajun Spice (the spiciest among the sauces).  Their bestsellers are Tex-Mex and Schezwan sauce.

Dampa Feast Pampanga offers 4 types of beverages or what they call mocktails.  These are Sex Appeal, Bluer Than Blue, Lindsay Lohan, and Incredible Hulk.


Dampa Feast Pampanga is definitely worth the drive to Mexico, Pampanga.  Do not be overwhelmed with the location because it pretty nearby SM City Pampanga.  It’s worth a try especially for group of friends or families who want to try a new dining experience in Pampanga.  There are already a number of ‘seafood bucket’ concepts in Angeles, Clark, and San Fernando but Dampa Feast did not disappoint and we would happily recommend it to the Cabalens.


CLK Building, Mexico, Pampanga (beside Wilcon Depot, adjacent to Beverly Place, and few meters away from SM City Pampanga)


Weekday: 11:00AM – 10:30PM

Weekends: 11:00AM – 11:30PM

Dampa Feast Pampanga also accepts reservations for parties, private functions and holiday gatherings.

For inquiries, contact us these numbers:

(049) 649.7494, 0917.432.3588 and 0948.776.2157

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