Gorgeously designed, well-spaced, and homey would be the best words to describe Roberto’s Coffee and Tea.

A fun fact about Roberto’s that maybe most people don’t notice is that every branch has their own theme.  This concept started at their branch in SM Pampanga where the theme has something to do with owls.  When you dine, you’d notice all the different kinds of owls displayed all over the restaurant.  These include paperweights, book stoppers, loads of figurines and more.  And these are not just ordinary owl pieces.  Each piece displayed in this Roberto’s branch is from the personal collection of the owner himself.

Roberto’s (the owner) loves to travel in search for good coffee and good food.  In his travels, he brings home a souvenir from each place he’s been to that he adds to his collection.  The diversity and number of pieces he has are unknown.  Perhaps hundreds or thousands already, who knows?  But he shares a glimpse of that collection with the clientele they serve at the restaurant.  So, when you visit the restaurant, take time to check these pieces and you’d be amazed how unique they are.

Roberto’s Coffee and Tea is noticeably a very posh restaurant.  Their branches around the metro are consistent with its elegant theme.  Equipped with high-end furniture set against a wall of red bricks, mixed with rich colored wooden fixtures, and set under warm, low lighting –  Roberto’s Coffee and Tea is everything that’s sophisticated and elegant, yet very homey at the same time.

Roberto’s Coffee and Tea started as a coffee shop.  The owner wanted to put up something that would be a haven of comfort for travelers like him.  But over time, their menu developed and leaned more into complete dishes that are fit for a restaurant.  Although they still serve coffee and cakes, they are now known for their succulent steaks and baby back ribs.

Here’s a look at some of their bestsellers:

Pork Slab

Fall-of-the-bone tenderness in deep smoky barbeque flavor with corn and vegetable salad on the side.  This dish is good for sharing or if you are that hungry, it could be a solo meal as well.


Succulent rib-eye or T-bone steaks spiced and cooked the way you want it.  This comes with a choice of mash potato or rice.

Crispy Pata

An all-time Filipino favorite.  Pork leg cooked and deep fried to create a crunchy skin but keeping the meat inside soft, juicy, and tender.  Perfectly paired with vinegar or soy sauce with chili and onions.

French Cut Pork Chops

Marinated in classic Filipino flavor then grilled and paired with stir-fried vegetables and a choice of mash potato or rice.

Seafood Bucket

A bucket of seafood combination that includes deep fried squid, shrimps, and fish with crunchy tortilla strips.  The serving is good for sharing.

Double Smoky Mushroom & Cheese Burger

Chunky burger patties topped with mushroom sauce with onion rings and tartar dip on the side.

Spicy Chicken Mushroom Pasta

A must-try for pasta lovers! The fusion of all the textures and flavors you get from this dish makes it more exciting to eat.  The dish is a combination of al dente pasta topped with rich mushroom sauce, spicy chicken, and crunchy peanuts.

Aside from the main dishes, Roberto’s Coffee and Tea still serves coffee and cakes since they were originally a coffee shop.  The cakes they offer include blueberry cheesecake, red velvet cake, and Sans rival cake.

Roberto’s has 4 branches – SM City Clark, SM Pampanga, Balanga Bataan, and Iba, Zambales.  For more information or for further inquiries and reservation, check out their page here.