Puning Hot Spings is a wellness facility situated at the far end of Sitio Puning.  The facility has 3  stations with each one having its own unique feature.

How to get there:

Arrange a transport that will take you to Clark, then look for Sapang Bato exit gate.  From there, head to Sitio Target where Station 1 is located.  Travel time from Sapang Bato exit to Station 1 is approximately 10 – 15 minutes.

Station 1: Base Camp

At base camp, you will find Puning Restaurant – a garden restaurant that serves traditional Filipino food.  The restaurant also has a number of traditional huts (kubo) around the place where you can relax and eat.  The lunch buffet comes with the day tour package.  You can either have lunch first or have it after the tour.  This solely depends on what time you reach the facility.

At Station 1 you will be given a pair of cotton shirt and shorts which you can wear on top of an inner shirt or wear as is.  These are not new and have been worn by other guests.  So if you’re a bit uncomfortable with that, you can opt to wear it for a souvenir shot.  It’s quite comfortable though and it saves you from getting your clothes messed up with the upcoming activities included in the tour.

Once done, you will board a 4×4 jeepney that will take you to Station 2.

Station 2: SPA

The 4×4 ride will take you through a scenic route, passing underneath 2 canyons and into an open lahar field.  As expected, the terrain is an uneven, rocky path and will pass by several small rivers.  Although not as hardcore compared to other rides we’ve done before, it will still give you the thrill of riding a 4×4.

At Station 2 you’ll find a huge outdoor sauna.  You’ll be covered from the neck down to your heels with hot sand.  Below this sauna is actually a large pugon responsible in keeping the sand hot.  Not scourging but hot enough to make you sweat which helps in promoting proper blood circulation and treating rheumatic pains.

After that, you’ll be guided to another open area where you’ll receive a mud pack treatment.  The mud pack is “alikabok” (ash) from Mt. Pinatubo which basically looks like and feels like pure white sand.  This will be applied all over the body and face and is believed to help in cell regeneration.

After the mud pack session, it’s time to head to the next station.  Nope, there’s no shower here so you have to travel covered in mud to the next station.  It’s not uncomfortable but make sure you close your mouth while you’re on board the 4×4 or you’ll discover what ‘’alikabok’’ tastes like :).


Somewhere 20 minutes later, at the foothill of lahar mountains, you’ll be welcomed with a stone clad looking resort which houses 11 thermal pools.  10 of which are hot springs with temperature playing between 40-70 degrees and 1 with cold water.  A shower area is available where you can rinse off the mud before you take a relaxing dip at one of the thermal pools.  Each of these pools is scientifically tested by the Department of Science and technology (DOST) assuring that the water is a neutral 7.5pH level so it won’t irritate your skin.

Bask in the sun and enjoy the fresh air while your body heals in one of these thermal pools.  It’s quiet, it’s scenic, it’s pretty relaxing.  Who knew that a place like these existed within the boundaries of Pampanga.

Some guests opt to go to Station 3 first, similar to what we did.  Then take station 2 and go back to Station 1 for lunch.  I would personally opt to go to Station 3 last though and take my time at this area.

It is encouraged to make a booking prior to your visit since the resort has limited capacity. Rate per person is around 4K for the entire tour including buffet.  But if you want to get a great deal, book with Xenia Hotel in Clark, Pampanga.

XENIA HOTEL Philippines offers a Puning Day Tour promo for an affordable price of P12,200 ( 3/pax = based on triple sharing per room) – which includes an overnight stay at Xenia Hotel with breakfast and lunch buffet.

For inquiry and reservation, contact Puning Hot Springs and Restaurant at:



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