Pirelli and Dunlop are two titans of the motorcycle tire industry. Both offer a wide selection of tires, so how do you know what’s right for your ride — and your riding style? Here’s a rundown of the best dual-sport tires from Pirelli and Dunlop.

Best for Everyday Durability: Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR
With a profile that marries street performance and off-road ruggedness, the Scorpion Rally STR is ready for whatever terrain you can throw its way. What’s the secret of its durability? In a word, knobs. The tire’s spacious knob pattern boosts your stability and control by creating extra points of contact. Meanwhile, each knob’s exceptional height-to-width ratio strikes the perfect chord between street and dirt utility. A silirich compound provides unmatched traction in virtually any riding condition, too.

Best for Weekend Trail Hopping: Dunlop TrailSmart
With a name like “TrailSmart” you’d expect this tire from Dunlop to be excellent off the road, and you’d be right. Its big footprint, distinctive V-shaped grooves, and silica-fortified treads combine to provide exceptional traction in almost any situation. The TrailSmart’s new and improved tread pattern also means more mileage, better handling and steering, and plenty of feedback, whether you stick to the street or wander off the beaten path to forge your own.

Best for Keeping It Simple: Pirelli Sport Demon
It may not be the flashiest tire on the market, but the Sport Demon from Pirelli offers fantastic control in a variety of conditions thanks to its reliable grip and multi-radius profile. It doesn’t matter if you’re zipping down a wet city street or a blazing-hot desert highway; this popular tire offers consistently solid performance in rain, mud, snow, and extreme temperatures.

Best for a Coast-to-Coast Road Trip: Dunlop D908RR Rally Raid
If you’re partial to OEM motorcycle parts that are built to survive, this might be the tire for you. The D908RR Rally Raid from Dunlop is designed to weather pavement, rocks, and the most punishing
territory you can find. Originally created for rally racing, this European original features a spacious shoulder area and fortified tread blocks that work together to provide incredible stability and grip. Super-durable casing swallows up shocks, too.

Best for Mixing Style and Speed: Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp
The Pirelli Phantom Sportcomp was designed with classic sport motorcycles in mind, but don’t let its sophisticated, vintage lines fool you. This timeless-looking tire is built for blistering speeds. Its zero-degree, steel-belted radial carcass structure provides superior stability, balance, and handling for speeds
up to 150 miles per hour.

Best for Your Budget: Dunlop D605 Dual-Sport

With a price tag that’s roughly one-third of what you might pay for the other tires in this roundup, the Dunlop D605 Dual Sport is a bargain. That doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing performance, though. Its upgraded tread design offers outstanding grip for light and middleweight dual-sport bikes on both hard roads and soft trails. This makes it a wallet-friendly option for those looking for a tire that sits midway between dirt and street riding and won’t bust your bank account. If you’re in the market for new tires for your dual-sport motorcycle, a quick search for “motorcycle tires
near me” can offer a variety of options. Try one of these performance leaders from Pirelli and Dunlop on for size, and you won’t be sorry.