There is a noticeable boom and demand for food trucks and food parks today. So it’s not surprising to see that the Culinary Capital of the Philippines is following suit.  Today, there’s a couple of food parks already in full operation and there’s going to be a couple more opening in the coming months.

We were invited to check the newest food park that recently opened in Hensonville, Angeles City called MUCENO FOOD PARKMuceno is an open air food park that features 25 different concessionaires, each one offering a unique cuisine so dining guests can experience 25 different cuisines in just one venue.

Here’s a look at the first set of concessionaires that we were able cover during our visit:

Wicked Wings

Get a serving of hot and crispy flappers and drumettes that comes in 7 flavors namely Original, Classic Buffalo, Cajun BBQ, Honey BBQ, Teriyaki, Garlic Parmesan, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic Herb.  Sizes are just right and the serving is ample to satisfy your cravings for flappers thats crispy outside, yet tender and juicy inside. This goes perfectly with Wicked Wings root beer float! (6pcs + 1 flavor + dip = P160.00)

For more information. check their page here.

Bek’s Bibingka:

Now there’s a place to buy bibingka and puto bumbong in Angeles City even if it’s not Christmas season.  According to the owner of Bek’s Bibingka, the recipe they use is an original family recipe that has been passed from one generation to another, making this rice cake different and special from other bibingka sold elsewhere.  They come in 3 flavors namely: Original (topped with ham and salted egg), 3 cheese (topped with 3 different cheeses), and Pandan flavor.  Price range is between P100 – P120. The tsokolate batirul is also a must try!

For more information. check their page here.

Chef Cozma Shawarma and Kebab

If you are into shawarma and kebabs, Muceno has one of that too. The recipe of the shawarma is also an original recipe from Mediterranean Chef, Chef Cozma. They also offer other variants of the dish like Shawarma Rice.

For more information. check their page here.

Pomodoro Pizza and Pasta

Pomodoro is a must-try for all pizza lovers out there.  They have a wide selection of flavorful gourmet pizzas and pasta such as Il Giardino, Pesto, Il Pollo (chicken pizza), Pepperoni, and more.  We particularly loved the Amanti Della Carne.  This is an all meat pizza with loads of pepperoni, italian sausage, ham, ground beef, and heaps of mozzarella, laid on a thin crust pizza.  The best thing about this pizzas? They’re P200 and below!

For more information. check their page.

Wrap Eat Out

Muceno Food Park also has an option for those who are looking for healthy food. At Wrap Eat Out, you can find a variety of wraps’ to choose from. Falafel Wrap for veggie lovers, Lechon Kawali wrap which was the favorite in the group, or California Maki if you’re into Japanese flavor. These wraps come in hearty servings and are between P120 – P150 each.

For more information. check their here.

Taco Truck

Milkshake Lab

Muceno also features different type of beverages like fruit juices and milkshakes.  We had a satisfying glass of thick, creamy milkshake at The Milkshake Lab.  They have 10 exciting flavors to choose from.  We loved the Brownie Nutella Fudge (apparently their best-seller too) and the Matcha Milkshake.  These milkshakes ranges from P150 – P160 each.

For more information. check their page here.


Nitro coffee is a nitrogen air infused cold brew coffee.  What’s makes it different from regular brew? They call the process cold brew where 18 to 24 hours of processing is spent in a cold temperate.  This enhances the flavor by making the coffee sweet without adding sugar and also creamy without adding creamer or milk.  It also reduces the acidity of the coffee.  Nitro 7 is the first to introduce this product in the Philippines.  Black Nitro is the signature drink plus the other best-sellers are Irish Crème Breve, Hazelnut Caramel Mocha and Chocolate Macadamia.

For more information. check their page here.

Daily Detox

A healthy way to balance your diet after your food trip is to grab a healthy drink which is what they have at Daily Detox. Skip the soda and go for a drink that’s not only healthy but refreshing as well.

For more information. check their page here.

Watch out for another round of food trip at Muceno Food Park as we feature other concessionaires.  Muceno opens daily at 4:00 PM till midnight.

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