Mexico, Pampanga – The cozy kusinang matua (old kitchen) of Atching Lilian Boromeo, one of the most formidable culinary icons in Pampanga, was filled with cheers and an overflow of authentic Kapampangan food on the eve of March 7, 2018 as Kusinero’t Kusinerang Kapampangan (KKK) successfully concluded their first acquaintance party.

The event was attended by tourism officers from different areas in Pampanga including Bacolor, Sasmuan, Mexico, Porac, and Arayat.  Also in attendance were representatives from the local government, travel and tours industry, entrepreneurs, food historians, Pampanga digital influencers, and chefs.

Spearheaded by KKK’s founder Atching Lilian Boromeo and KKK’s President Chef Don Edward Quito, the event started with a presentation of the history, mission and vision, and the advocacies of the organization.

After the programme, the guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner of all authentic Kapampangan dishes including the infamous sisig matua, bobotung asan, and asadong dila to name a few.

Kusinero’t Kusinerang Kapampangan (KKK) is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by Atching Lilian Boromeo and was revived in 2017.  The mission of the organization is geared towards researching, promoting, and preserving the heirloom recipes of Pampanga.  In line with this mission is the vision to teach and pass to the younger generations the methods and authentic recipes that are truly Pampanga’s own.

The organization is also geared towards creating a common venue for individuals who share the same passion for food whether they may have a formal culinary training or not.  Paluto, cooks, housewives, and even foodies are welcome to join the organization.

With the success of its first acquaintance dinner, Kusinero’t Kusinerang Kapampangan (KKK) looks forward to more upcoming events that will include cooking demos and competitions within the year.