After the holiday season, our skin deserves some break from all the cosmetics we’ve donned to the parties or gatherings we’ve been to.  Our skin needs some pampering to recuperate from the late-night outs that may have also exposed us to smoke, dirt and whatnots.  To jumpstart our skin care regimen, we’ve visited the newly opened skin clinic in Vista Mall, Pampanga called The Skin Reveae.

To get rid of oil build-up, dirt, and toxins that have accumulated on our faces from all the booze, food or even cosmetics over the holiday season, it’s important to get a deep cleansing treatment that will help remove all these.  Skin Reveae started our treatment with a deep cleansing facial and then followed by a diamond peel.

A thoroughly done facial and diamond peel helps in removing bacteria from the skin surface that may create skin issues such as acne.  These 2 processes also help exfoliate the skin and unclog pores to allow better absorption of other skin care products.  After the treatment, the skin looks noticeably fairer and it also smoother to the touch.

The next process we did was what they call the PDT Mask.  This process makes use of an equipment that looks like a mask worn over your face.  According to Skin Reveae, it has different modes and each mode corresponds to a particular treatment.  The treatments can go from anti-aging to detoxifying, or even treatment for acne and pigmentation.  The mode including the duration of how long you’ll need to put on the mask depends on what your skin requires.  During the treatment, it has a bit of a tingling sensation when worn but it doesn’t hurt.

These treatments are just some of the services we’ve tried at the Skin Reveae.  The clinic does offer a whole range of skin and body care services as well as medical, slimming, and varicose treatment.

SKIN REVEAE is located at the 3rd floor of Vista Mall, San Fernando, Pampanga.  Operating hours are the same as mall hours.

For more information on their services and other skin and body care packages, contact Skin Reveae through their PAGE.