Who says tea time should be dull and boring?  Well, not if you are buying from this quaint but unique place we found situated in the middle of two hospitals in Angeles City.  The place is called Juice x Brews.

From the outside, anyone would think that this is like any other usual milk tea store.   But when you get inside, you’d actually think twice if you’re inside a milk tea shop or a toy shop because of the cool action figures that they have on display.

Juice x Brews was born because of one family’s love for tea.  Their grandfather who is a certified tea lover often asked them to buy tea for him so, over time, they themselves have grown a certain fixation on teas.  This became their inspiration in putting up their own tea shop.  However, they didn’t want it to be just like any usual milk tea shop.  So, they combined it with another passion they have which is collecting anime action figures.

Apart from their personal input on the physical store, they are also very particular with how their milk tea should taste.  After all, they are tea lovers so they can tell which are good from those that are not.

We love that the concoctions of their beverages are all original.  As a result of extensive research and loads of tea tasting, they are able to come up with a signature blend.  The tea they use is brewed fresh daily.  So, it’s not just some powder mixture combined with ice and other artificial flavors.  Any tea lover can easily distinguish the distinct taste of brewed tea in their beverages.

Aside from milk tea, Juice x Brews also offers juice blends and cakes.  If you are one of the many who loves milk teas, Juice x Brews is definitely a must try! If you’re not into milk teas, then try their juice blends that are not only unique but are also good.

Juice x Brews  is located at Angeles Medical Center, Medical Arts Building, Angeles City.

Store Hours: Open every day from 9:00AM to 9:00PM

Price range: Starts from Php70

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