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Most of us are familiar with women who are selling clothes, cosmetics, and intimate apparels (those bulky brochures!) inside workplaces.  Some women sell packed lunch, snacks, pastries, even relyenong bangus or chili sauces.  The list could go on and on.

This scenario is nothing unusual especially for mothers who wants to earn extra cash.  They make time to sell these products so they can add something to their budget.  This is also the reason why they become susceptible to networking schemes.  Most of which pose false promises to earn big with minimal efforts.

Some women take the plunge to join networking schemes like this and some of them do succeed.  However, that’s not the case for everybody.  Some struggle to come up with enough money to buy the ‘basic kit’ required by these schemes, resulting to either risking their savings or worse, borrowing from loan sharks.

Fortunately, there are other business opportunities that women, especially mothers, can venture to.  A great example of this is Nay’s Ice Candy.

Photo credits to Michael James Ronquillo


More than a profitable business, Nay’s Ice Candy is a sustainable livelihood created with mother’s or nanays in mind.  Its advocacy is to create a venue for opportunity that will allow mothers to earn by selling quality products at the time most convenient to them.

Nay’s Ice Candy is basically like our old time favorite Filipino ice candy.  But this is unlike the ones we got used to.  This product is a delicious, creamy snack that has the consistency and taste of an ice cream.  In fact, it’s almost like an ice cream bar.  It comes in classic flavors like cheese, chocolate, avocado, and the special edition – bubble gum flavor.


This is a product that our nanays can sell anytime.  It doesn’t eat the time that should be spent with their children because they sell the product at their convenience.

It’s sanitary.  Ice candy is an old time favorite snack most of us make at home, but Nay’s Ice candy is produced using strict sanitary standards to ensure freshness and safety.

It’s affordable.  Our nanays won’t have to go to desperate measures just to start the business.  They can start with a capital of less than a thousand pesos only.

It’s saleable.  Who doesn’t eat a snack?  Everybody wants to have something refreshing and sweet occasionally.  This refreshing snack can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.


Nay’s Ice Candy is available locally.  Our nanays can sell them directly.  All they need to have is a fridge.  Other than that, they can also be dealers – which means that they can order in bulk and resell to other individuals who will sell them individually.  The third option is to be a distributor in a certain area.

Nay’s Ice Candy is the first product launched by Alpha Frozen Adventure.  There will be more products in the future that will provide a sustainable livelihood for individuals who choose to work diligently to provide for their families.

For now, Nay’s Ice Candy is here to help the nanays in our community to be a step closer to building better homes and living better lives.




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