Welcome to Pampanga, the Culinary capital of the Philippines!

If you are here for the weekend to witness the flight of the  hot air balloons in Clark, we’re pretty sure you are looking for some place to buy some pasalubong.  So here’s some idea on where to get the best pasalubong that’ll bring the taste of Pampanga to your awaiting family and friends.

Topping the list would be Pampanga’s one-stop-shop for pasalubong – at Susie’s Cuisine.  Bring home a bilao of Pampanga’s Tibuk-tibuk or Sapin-Sapin.  Don’t worry about food spoilage because they can freeze it so you’d have ample time to bring it home. Just make sure to reserve beforehand and give instructions to freeze the kakanin.

Apart from bringing home authentic Kapampangan kakanin, Susie’s Cuisine has a wide array of other pasalubongs to choose from.  You can buy some San Nicholas biscuits, brownies, and more.

Susie’s Cuisine has 22 branches you can go to. To find the nearest branch in the area, check their page here.

Second on the list will be unique Kapampangan apparel at INDU’ Lifestyle.  They have a range of different t-shirts with cool designs depicting the Kapampangan culture. They also have mugs, id laces, and stickers.

You can check more of INDU’s merchandise here:

Another good place to shop for some pasalubong will be inside Nayong Pilipino in Clark. Apart from the enriching cultural tour and visit to the Museum of Philippine Weaves, there are stalls inside that sells woodcraft, accessories, hand made scarves, and more.

Head downtown to Museo Ning Angeles and get a piece of the sisig ref magnet. Pampanga is known to have started the sizzling pork dish called sisig and yes, it’s creatively made into a cute ref magnet.  Part of the proceeds when you buy a piece helps in a charity foundation that looks after street children in Angeles City.

While you’re in the area, don’t forget to take a souvenir photo at the Santo Rosario Church or locally known as Pisambam Maragul.