Angeles City, Pampanga – Pampanga Taste Fest Year 2 concluded a successful run on April 21, 2018 at the grounds of The Quad in Nepo Center, Angeles City. The event garnered around 300 foodies who were eager to try the sample dishes presented by the 19 participating food concessionaires on the event.

The taste festival opened at around six in the evening.  Toll House Restaurant sponsored an eating contest where participants must eat 3 servings of their famous baked macaroni.

At around 8:00 PM, the festival area was already filled with people coming from different parts of Pampanga. Paying guests were given a survey form along with stubs that they need to surrender to get a sample of two bestselling dishes from each food concessionaire.

The early crowd favorites appeared to be Happy Pigging for their Cebu Lechon, CC Lifestyle for their Sisig Pizza and Banapple for their Bannofie Pie. Apag Marangle showcased their infamous pork humba and fried fish with mustasa and buro. Namari gave out chunks of grilled wagyu beef. Espazzo Bar was also busy giving out cocktail drinks to the attendees. At the end of the event, scores were tallied, and Garden Dine Restaurant bagged two of the top awards for the night. Everyone was still chanting “lengua” when they received their trophy.

The complete list of winners for Pampanga Taste Fest Year 2 are:


Best In Taste: Garden Dine Restaurant

Runner Up: RU CC Lifestyle

Best in Presentation: Garden Dine Restaurant

Runner Up: Banapple

Bloggers Choice Award: CC Lifestyle

Pampanga Taste Fest Year 2 is an annual food tasting event organized by JCI Angeles City chapter.  Apart from its objective to help showcase new restaurants and food concessionaires to the local market, the taste fest is also a charity event.  This year, part of the proceeds will be given to the Autism Society of the Philippines (Central Luzon Chapter).