Pangasinan has been synonymous to the famed Hundred Islands in Alaminos and the line of beaches in Bolinao, Anda, and Lingayen.  Although these places are all equally gorgeous, Pangasinan has much more to offer beyond these areas.  Hidden in the far west end of the region, facing the South China Sea, is a faintly discovered paradise in Dasol, Pangasinan called Tambobong.

Tambobong is one of the barangays in the quiet town of Dasol.  A town also known for producing export quality salt.  From the main highway in Dasol, it takes about an hour more to reach the barangay.  During our trip, we reached Dasol at 4AM.  It was earlier than expected so the road was pitch black.

The drive going to Tambobong is winding (similar with Kennon Road going to Baguio City).  There were a few street lamps but not enough to light the entire route so we were very careful.  It’s a good thing that the road is well paved.  There were a lot of dogs sleeping in the middle of the road too!  We didn’t want to hit any of them by accident so drove cautiously.

The road seemed unending at one point.  There’s not a lot of markers to tell you where you are exactly and since it was too early, we had to rely on the instructions given to us prior to our trip and look for possible landmarks.  After an hour drive, we found our home for the next two days not far from the main road, at Tambobong Beach Rains Resort. We had enough time to settle in before sunrise so after tossing our bags in our rooms, we waited for sunrise by the shore.

The sunrise was not anything I expected to see.  I have been traveling for quite some time now to different places but I must say that Tambobong offers one of the best views of the sunrise I’ve seen.  The sea was so calm, it sounded almost like a lullaby as touches of blue to orange then yellow slowly began illuminating the dark sky.  The air was cool yet gentle.  The entire beach was so quiet as if it was waiting for something mysterious to unfold.  Everyone in the group stood quietly and still.  After all, it’s not every day that you get a front seat to see God’s masterpiece unfold in front of you.

What a way to start our first day in Tambobong.  What’s waiting for us next is sumptuous breakfast prepared by the staff of Tambobong Beach Rains Resort.

After our friends from the Pangasinan Bloggers arrived, we arranged to get a couple of boats to take us to some islands.  There are a number of caves to be explored in nearby islands but the access depends on how high the tides will be for the day.  The first island we passed by was Balinmanok.  It’s a beautiful private beach where the infamous shipwreck can be seen.  However, it’s not as visible as the old pictures I’ve seen online. The shipwreck is almost covered by water and maybe after a few months or years, it might totally sink already. Our bangkero’s opted to take us to Culebra Island instead.

Culebra Island is an island used to be infiltrated with sea snakes.  Overtime, the snakes began to wander off.  There are still a number of them but not too many to impose danger to the visitors of the island.  There are also some people who are somewhat like care takers of the island who makes sure of its cleanliness and safety.  Upon docking on the island, a line of bamboo huts are available where you can rest.  You can opt to bring food for lunch and grill or cook there.  We only had water but it’s fine because we were busy exploring and taking photos of the entire island.

The island I must say is ‘heaven’ for IGers, photographers, or bloggers.  The rock formations are set almost like a stage for anyone who’d like a photo opportunity.  There are additional huts on the upper most part over looking the turquoise blue ocean which is a perfect place to capture those “alone travel moments”.  At the far back of the island, there’s an area that looks like a swimming pool where the water isn’t that deep.

Another thing to do in Culebra is to snorkel and swim.  The crystal clear water almost doesn’t look like sea water but rather clear water from a pool.  Culebra is clean and just ridiculously gorgeous.

After Culebra Island, we passed by one more island with a lot of visible small caves in it. Unfortunately the tide was pretty high that day making it impossible for us to dock safely so we opted to go back to Tambobong Beach Rains Resort for lunch.  After lunch we decided to take a second chance and finish what we have in our list.  We asked for other attractions from the locals and was directed to a cave nearby.  The cave was a few meters away from the resort and had a pool like water inside.  It’s possible to take a dip but not swim because the area isn’t that big.

The next on the list was Salubusuban Falls.  I’ve heard and seen some posts about Salubusuban Falls but there wasn’t enough information on how we’d get there.  So I was determined to find where it was.  Not far from the main road is Barangay Bobonot where the falls is located.  A small beaten path lined with bamboo trees will lead you to Salabusuban Falls.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I have expected because it wasn’t actually a falls. “Wag mag expect para hindi masaktan“. Ha!  The area was more of a small pond where spring water flows.  During rainy season, the pond overflows into the rock formation beside it making the extra water cascade thus getting the name “falls”.  Maybe worth the peak during rainy season but not during dry season. Sorry.

We decided to head to our next destination since it’s almost sunset.  We headed to Malacapas View Deck.  This is a few meters drive from Bobonot and the same route going back to the resort.  One realization for me that day was “that nothing happens by accident”.  If we had arrived earlier and followed our original itinerary, we could have missed the sunset in Malacapas which I would put the ‘highlight’ of this trip.

The view deck has a wide area overlooking the South China Sea and the rest of Tambobong Beach.  The weather was perfect but the sunset was divine.  It’s one of the rare moments that you know you see something really special.  For some reason the golden light emanating from the sunset is somewhat “healing” to the soul.  To experience the sunset in this area once more would be enough reason for me to go back to Tambobong.

After dinner, just when we thought that the day couldn’t get any better, there were still some surprises that Tambobong has in store for us.  The staff from Tambobong Beach Rains Resort set up a bonfire by the shore where we gathered, laid our tired back in the sand, and gazed at the stars.  Our stories went from scary to funny, to heartaches and new beginnings.  And everyone just listened to each voice without prejudice.  Talk about travel goals!

The next day we still had enough time to witness the beautiful sunrise at the shores of Tambobong Beach Rains Resort and it’s still as mesmerizing as the first one we saw. On our way back, we passed through the town of Alaminos to try pigar-pigar (carabao meat cooked in soy sauce, bistek style) and to buy some pasalubong.  Full tummies, amazing photos, warm hospitality – all these memories and more are what we’ll remember most about Tambobong Pangasinan.  Until it’s time for us to go back and make new memories again.

Our itinerary for 2 Days/1 Night:

First Day:
Check in at your resort
Island Hopping
Visit nearby caves
Salabusuban Falls (optional) or you can head to Dasol Town
Malacapas View Deck for sunset (this is a must! for me)
Stargazing at night

Second day:
Wake up early and catch the sunrise
More beach bumming
Stop at Alaminos for pasalubong and lunch on your way home

Cost (Private Vehicle):

Van (P9000.00/12 pax) = P750.00 per head

Boat Rental plus docking fee: P900/6 pax per boat = P150.00/head

Accommodation: (Tambobong White Beach Rain’s Resort)

Family Room 8 – 10 pax = P3500.00/350 per head

Food: P250.00 (share with the group for 2 days, the cost was more than enough for us)

TOTAL:  P1,500.00 (plus money for pasalubong)

Tambobong Beach Rains Resort Rates:

Rooms good for:
8-10 pax = P3500.00
6-8 pax = P3000.00
4-6 pax = P2500.00
2-4 pax = P2500.00

Cottage -800
Entrance Fee-25/person
Kids below 4 feet-Free
(free when you’re a checked in guest)

Videoke = P500/24 hours

For more information, bokking, or inquiries, you can check their website or Facebook page.


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Armela is a food and travel blogger from the Philippines. She has already collaborated with different local and overseas companies and brands. Aside from writing, Armela is also a self-taught photographer. She is an optimist by heart who loves to smile, discover new places, and meet new people. She is a Digital Marketing Strategist by profession.


  1. Hi! Thanks for this. Very informative. May I know the contact of the van you rented? My friends & I are planning to go there this July. Thanks! 😊

  2. Question please. For the food did you bring your own food or this can be accomodated by the resort? Thanks in advance.

    • You can arrange for food with the resort. But you can also bring your own. There’s an area for cooking as well. Thanks.