The Local Guides Crawls the Quad at Nepo Center was a 2-day food crawl organized by GBG Pampanga and Pampanga Digital Influencers.  This event gave us the chance to experience dining in one of the oldest restaurants in Angeles City, Pampanga called Dainty Tea House and Restaurant.

Dainty Restaurant Angeles City Shrimp Foo Yeung

About Dainty Tea House and Restaurant

The older restaurant used to be situated within the vicinity of Nepo Quadrangle.  This area had a vast but empty square land that was used then as a common park.  It was developed later on into what we see now as Newpoint Mall and The Quad at Nepo Center.  Fittingly, the management offered a space to the previous tenants and Dainty was one of those who chose to continue their business at The Quad.

Dainty China House was founded in 1992 under the leadership of Brenda Long Chen.  It is a family owned business that that has been built with decades of experience and involvement of the Long Chen’s in the restaurant business.

Their father Long You Cheng founded Dainty in the 50’s which eventually became Hongkong Restaurant in the 70’s. Their mother Conchita Patio Long Cheng also owned a successful business called Mr. Cheng Inn and Restaurant in Balibago, Angeles City.  Dainty was one of the few restaurants who stayed in business to serve the public even after the devastating Mt. Pinatubo eruption that engulfed almost all of Pampanga in the 90’s.

Dainty Restaurant Angeles City Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables

What we liked

Dainty Tea House and Restaurant’s menu is pretty straightforward.  The names of the dishes are simple and as a diner, you get the idea of what you are ordering upfront.  Majority of the food offered in the restaurant are Chinese dishes and comfort food, but they also have Filipino classic dishes.  We also like the contemporary vibe of the dining area that was both welcoming and had a touch of luxury and fine dining too. The restaurant is pretty jam-packed all the time and after having a taste of what they had to offer, the warm reception of the Cabalens for this restaurant is not surprising at all.

Dainty Restaurant Angeles City Salt and Pepper Spareribs

What we loved

It is but fitting to say that we loved almost everything that was presented to us.  We love the fact that these dishes are so simple yet, the flavor and the quality of food were just superb.  From the fresh vegetables and seafood, to the aromatic, comforting soups, down to the savory pork and chicken dishes.  The Chinese flavor is evident and strong but without forgetting the Filipino aspect of it.  No wonder why so many families or people, in general, love this restaurant so much.

Dainty Restaurant Angeles City Lechon Guisado

From a simple Chinese Restaurant in the 50’s, the chain of Dainty Restaurants in Angeles City stands more as an icon today.  An establishment that remained resilient through all the changes that the city has been through. Dainty continues to serve the public with the same excellent food and high-quality service that they have been known for.

Dainty Restaurant Angeles City Yang Chow Fried Rice

Dainty Tea House and Restaurant has 4 branches:

Dainty China House – Main Branch (original branch)

Henson Street, Angeles City

Dainty Tea House and Cafe

The Quad at Nepo Center

Teresa Avenue, Sto. Domingo, Angeles City

Dainty’s Restaurant

Balibago, Mr. Cheng Building, MacArthur Highway

Dainty’s Restaurant

SM City Clark

Dainty’s Restaurant

SM City Telabastagan

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