There are people who love burgers so much that they eat at any burger joint around the metro.  Then there are people who love burgers so much that they end up making burgers of their own.  Messy Burger can be described as both.

What started from a profound liking of burgers have turned out to be one fulfilling business for April, a burger lover, and owner of Messy Burger.  She started making burgers for friends to try until other people started ordering as well.  She then decided to market her own burger recipe starting with ‘by order’ basis and delivered them from home.  5 years later, Messy Burger is a full pledged business and is taking local burgers to a whole new level.

April’s love for burgers is not far-off.  She tasted and tested almost every burger she could regardless if it was from a burger stand along the street or from an expensive burger joint.  She kept doing this until she finally came up with a burger patty that will perfectly showcase her own unique blend.  Messy Burger then started selling in local bazaars while also taking orders for delivery until they decided to get a place at Kucina ni Maria in Hensonville.

The Metro Mess Burger

Messy Burger now offers a wide range of burgers using their own recipe.  Any burger lover will find the classic favorites such as cheeseburger and mushroom melt in their menu.  What also makes Messy Burger so unique is that they have an app that helps you customize a burger of your own.  How cool is that?

So, when you order, you can use the app to put in whatever available add-ons you want from patties to extra cheese, onions, or bacon – you name it.  The app even adds the cost, so you know your total while your customizing your burger.

Eating Messy Burger can be really messy too.  So when ordering one, a set of plastic gloves will be provided instead of the usual fork and knife.  Because these burgers are meant to be devoured – eaten in a messy but satisfying way.

Messy Burger is located at Kucina ni Maria along Hensonville, Angeles City.  They are open from 4:00 PM onwards from Tuesday to Sunday.  They also accept deliveries and bulk orders.

You haven’t experienced real burger until you get messy with Messy Burger so do check them out!

They will be releasing a series of triple-decker burgers soon and have named one of these burgers after  So do check the triple patty, triple cheese with bacon in between called the Metro Mess.


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