In a middle of a highly urbanized area where the battle for looking posh and “very Pinterest” is highly competitive, we discovered one cafe that did exactly the opposite which made it uniquely cool.

Barracks So Sick Shakes had a different concept in mind which was to create a place that resembles a ‘barracks’ or a soldier’s resting place. To complete the vibe, the owners decided put the cafe in a location that somehow resembles an urban decay area. Inside the cafe you would see small cabin like areas where one can retreat and relax while munching on sandwiches or having one of their “sick” shakes.


Another unique thing we loved at Barracks So Sick Shakes is the meal they serve in metal canisters that resembles the food tray soldiers use to store their food. They also have a simple menu with choices that cater to both millennials and older folks.

Of course we wouldn’t pass up on trying their shakes. Barracks So Sick Shake said that these shakes are often mistaken as frappes. So what they did was to combine both frappe and shake and turned them into sick, bad-ass shakes.


Barracks So Sick Shakes is open from 12:00 noon to 9:00 in the evening. We would highly recommend this cool place for people looking for a hang out place that’s unique and not too crowded. There are no soft, cuddly pillows here.  But there’s good food and good shakes to match their unique but comfortable place.


If I were still in school, this place would be where I’d go to study.  Or to relax before a big exam.  I think it’s also a nice place I can go to when I need to write.  Overall, it’s a cool place that’s definitely worth checking out.

Tip: We can’t wait to see their So Sick Cakes, coming out soon!

CUISINE: Comfort Food

Budget per head: 150+

Parking: Yes

Wi-Fi: Yes

MacArthur Highway, Angeles City (Near BPI AUF Branch)

Store Hours: Everyday 12:00 Noon to 09:00 PM

Contact Number: 0936 382 9548

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