Just like women, men need regular grooming too.  But some men, especially the younger ones, oftentimes would put off getting a trim for various reasons.  Sometimes, they may not feel comfortable going to a salon where services are mostly inclined to women.  Or if it’s a barber shop, concerns with hygiene may be an issue.

This was the dilemma for The Barber Club owners Jessie and Mich.  According to Ms. Mich, it was always a struggle convincing their son to get a trim in a barbershop.  His reason had something to do with hygiene noting that the cutters use only one comb for all their clients and he was not comfortable with it.  Come to think of it, he has a point.  So, they decided to come up with their own and dubbed it as the most hygienic barbershop in town.  It’s now operating as The Barber Club.

What we like about The Barber Club

The Barber Club (TBC) is not your typical barbershop.  We like that it looks fancy but in a classic and old-fashioned way.  The vast interior including the fixtures is set in deep earth colors that instantly gives the vibe of an old country home.  The cutting area has enough room for both the barber and the client to move comfortably.  The wash area is gently covered with linen for more privacy.

While waiting, guests can enjoy the mini indoor golf putting area or play chess.  Otherwise, they can also enjoy a hot cup of brewed coffee in the al fresco area of the shop.

What we love about The Barber Club

We love that these barbers have their own niches.  One is well versed with classic cuts, while another is an expert on Korean hairstyles.  Another barber is an expert in hair tattoo, while another is an overall type of cutter.  After each trim, they also let you bring home your own comb!

We just can’t get over how well presented the barbers are in The Barber Club. We do not mean to discriminate anyone of course.  I say this on a personal note.  Being a lolo’s girl, my grandfather would occasionally take me with him on Sundays when he gets his regular trim.  In the barbershop, he would be greeted with properly dressed barbers.  I was always fond of how they exchanged stories and how he would check his haircut which always looked the same to me anyway.  He would thank the barber, shake hands, and bid goodbye as if he was an old friend.  Maybe it’s just me, but it was a respectful gesture that I would always associate with barbers which sadly isn’t common nowadays.

The Barber Club’s services are basic and straightforward.  They offer haircut, hair spa, hair dye, shave, upper body & foot massage, and manicure & pedicure services.  What’s unique about them would be their vacuum dry haircut.  How does it work?  After getting a haircut, a machine (a vacuum to be exact) will be used to draw pieces of small hair that may get stuck on a shirt, neck or face of the client.  This way they don’t need to go home to shower immediately to remove these.  They can get a vacuum haircut and go straight to school or work.

The Barber Club features their own line of grooming products.  They have all-natural pomades made of essentials oils, anti-dandruff shampoos and hair growth products.

Our visit to The Barber Club was more than just an event cover because it somehow brought back sentimental childhood memories for me.  I’m glad that there are establishments like these that have the heart to bring back the classic, good old-fashioned quality service to men.  This is the kind of place I want my son to get accustomed to.  A classy and proper place fit for a gentleman.

Location: Unit F&G Centris Bldg., Greenfields Square, Sindalan
San Fernando, Pampanga

Contact No.: 0997 614 4168

Operating Hours: Open everyday from 10:00AM – 8:00PM

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